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Cambridge Convention 2019

November 2019 saw WCE-AV at the Telford International Centre for the Cambridge Convention.  The event was attended by over 1,900 delegates over the 2 days where we provided equipment in Halls 1, 2 & 3, Ludlow Suite, Ironbridge Suite and other areas within the ICC.

The event saw the use of multiple technologies happening to provide the show Cambridge require to entertain their consultants and slimmers.

There was over 200sqm of 5.9mm LED used to create the backdrop in Hall One which needed to change for the multiple performances throughout the event.  The backdrop was fed by our Barco E2 4K switchers with content driven by our Hippo Karst media server.  IMAG was supplied by 5 x 4K Camcorder Systems and WIreless links.  

Lighting was a mix of Robe Pointe, Spiider and Spikie with Source4 Lustr2 to wash the main stage to colour babalnce the presenters against the LED backdrop.  d&b Audiotechnik Y8s and Y12s fed the hall from the front with d&b T10s across the back to feed the tiered seating.

The event saw 7 x 40ft artics full of equipment and client material with over 70 crew onsite for the period.

Full video production was created for the event so that footage fitted teh custom backdrop.  3D animation was also used for the amazing opening to each day.

The Evening everyone headed to Hall 2/3 for a themed party where we built a central stage for the band to perform in a 360degree.  This gave the audience a great experience and the dance floor was full each night until the early hours.

project manager Wayne Whitson

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