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We welcome to the team Jamie Webb, Jamie joins the team as Warehouse Manager and will look after the production side of the business when the equipment leaves and returns our offices in Newbury.

Jamie brings with him knowledge in the LED Rental market with experience working with some of the countries leading Hire Companies also experience with working in the Crewing industry.

He will bring some fresh ideas to the warehouse where we are ever improving our processes for delivering high quality equipment for dry hire and live event productions.

If you want to contact Jamie click here


We have made a large investment in our go to audio brand d&b audiotechnik and have invested in a large quantity of Y8, Y12 & Y7P Speakers.

All Speakers come with rigging hardware for flying and ground support.

This is backed up with our current hire stock of d&b, range consisting of E3, T10, Max15, B4 Sub, T-Sub & E12 Sub.

d&b audiotechnik D20 Digital Amplifers cover our whole stock of speakers giving 4-Channels per Amplifier.

Touring Carts are avaiable for the Y8 & Y12 Speakers.

Trade Audio Hire based in Newbury, contact the team obn 01635 261922 for a quote.

Link to our Audio Hire Page: Click Here

November 2017 saw WCE-AV at the Telford International Centre for the Cambridge Convention.  The event was attended by over 1,500 delegates over the 2 days where we provided equipment in Halls 1 & 2, Ludlow Suite, Ironbridge Suite and other venues in the area including Cineworld.

The event saw the use of multiple technologies happening to provide the show Cambridge require to entertain their consultants and slimmers.

There was over 120sqm of 6.25mm LED used to create the backdrop in Hall One which needed to change for the multiple performances throughout the 2 days.  The backdrop was fed by our Ascender32 & Ascender16 4K switchers with content driven by our Hippo Karst media server.  IMAG was supplied by 4 x 4K Camcorder Systems and WIreless links.  

Lighting was a mix of Robe Pointe, Spiider and Spikie with Arri L7C & Source4 Lustr2 to was the main stage to colour babalnce the presenters against the LED backdrop.  d&b Audiotechnik Y8s and Y12s fed the hall from teh front with d&b T10s across the back to feed the tiered seating.

The event saw 4 x 40ft artics full of equipment and client material with over 50 crew onsite for the period.

Full video production was created for the event so that footage fitted the custom backdrop.  3D annimation was also used for the amazing opening to each day.

Each evening everyone headed to Hall 2 for a themed party where we built a central stage for the band to perform in a 360degree.  This gave the audience a great experience and the dance floor was full each night until the early hours.

Check out the event here.

Welcome to the team Su Pretty, Su joins the warehouse team.  Su brings a wealth of experience to the department with experience in theatre and venue production.

We all look forward to working with Su.

2018 sees WCE invest in Digital RF and we have decided to invest in Sennheiser Digital 6000 range.  This premium product will update our G3 series of Radio Microphpones with the initial purchase of 20 channels enterinng the warehouse now, with more planned in Q2.

The 6000 series comes with a wealth of features which will improve your show.

Digital 6000 features Digital 9000’s unparalleled long range transmission mode , coupled with a massive 244 MHz of switching bandwidth. The innovative user interface makes it easier to use. Sennheiser’s True Bit Diversity and predictive algorithms create a reliable wireless link which remains stable when other systems fail.

Check out the specifications

We are now Sennheiser UK distributors and can offer great deals on this amazing brand.

Contact us for pricing and specs.

We have now invested in a large amount of Prolyte Verto Truss with 3m, 2m, 0.5m, Corner Box & Base Plates.

This great rigging product is saving us time and the clients love the fact there is no noise!

This truss can greatly benefit the daily working practice for technicians, its tool-less connection is almost completely silent, thereby greatly adding to safety on the work floor. 

Tested general sound levels are around 55dB, where a conical truss system generates a sound level of 80dB during assembly. Furthermore, it reduces the assembly and disassembly time. Tested general assembly times are up to 5 times faster than those for truss with conical coupling systems and 10 times faster than any bolted truss.

Prolyte Verto product video.

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