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We have just added 2 x StageSmart smartPDU48 Units to our Hire Stock with some great features. 

True load monitoring – quick and easy overview of output loading. Catch potential problems before breakers trip, find channels with spare capacity and more.

Remote supervision – the networked system enables you to quickly view the status of all smartPDU’s in your system from any location on any device with a browser.

Backlit marking strips – keeps your channel information clearly visible without external lighting.

Superior circuit breakers – all breakers hold their rated current regardless of temperature. Immediate reset possible. Quick and easy to reconfigure – all main output connectors can be changed a minute, from Socapex, to Harting, to Powercon.

Contact us to hire this product or get a quotation.

Check out the specifications

WCE-AV have made another major investment in 2018 with the purchase of the INFiLED ER5 LED Panel and processing.  We have invested in 125sqm of ER5 which provides us with 250 x 500mm x 1000mm Panels.  We have also gone with 4K Processing with the NOVASTAR MCTRL4K Porcessors.  We expect arrival of this product at the beginning of May 2018 as we look to move in to the outdoor LED Screen Rental side of the industry.  These 5.9mm Panels will also be used on our upcoming events providing ultrawide screen backdrops to the stages.

The product is backed up with multiple companies in the UK & Europe investing in ER5 which allows us to sub rent to other suppliers on a dry hire basis.

Managing Director Wayne Whitson says:

"This seemed the logical next step for the busieness as we stock high-end video equipment"  "More video purchases this year will back this up with the arrivals of the Barco E2 Switchers and EC50 Controllers in Q3"

2018 sees WCE invest in Digital RF and we have decided to invest in Sennheiser Digital 6000 range.  This premium product will update our G3 series of Radio Microphpones with the initial purchase of 20 channels enterinng the warehouse now, with more planned in Q2.

The 6000 series comes with a wealth of features which will improve your show.

Digital 6000 features Digital 9000’s unparalleled long range transmission mode , coupled with a massive 244 MHz of switching bandwidth. The innovative user interface makes it easier to use. Sennheiser’s True Bit Diversity and predictive algorithms create a reliable wireless link which remains stable when other systems fail.

Check out the specifications

We are now Sennheiser UK distributors and can offer great deals on this amazing brand.

Contact us for pricing and specs.

Over the past 12months WCE-AV have heavily invested in Robe with the arrivals of 

Robe Spiider, Spikie, Pointe & Mega Pointe.

We have good levels of stock with the option to source in when required.

We offer great Trade Hire deals for Dry Hire customers and can also provide delivering to UK customers.

We have now invested in a large amount of Prolyte Verto Truss with 3m, 2m, 0.5m, Corner Box & Base Plates.

This great rigging product is saving us time and the clients love the fact there is no noise!

This truss can greatly benefit the daily working practice for technicians, its tool-less connection is almost completely silent, thereby greatly adding to safety on the work floor. 

Tested general sound levels are around 55dB, where a conical truss system generates a sound level of 80dB during assembly. Furthermore, it reduces the assembly and disassembly time. Tested general assembly times are up to 5 times faster than those for truss with conical coupling systems and 10 times faster than any bolted truss.

Prolyte Verto product video.

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